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The founding father, Sheikh Abdulmohsin Al-Saad Al-Rossais, adopted a continuous development strategy since the early beginning of his professional activity in the food trade more than 70 years ago and, as such, became one of the pioneer rice suppliers in the Kingdom. With the vision of an ambitious and successful businessman, he extended his activities to the real estate development industry, which was booming significantly at the time, investing his vast experience and deep knowledge in the local market. His real estate projects have grown to become one of the most prominent cosmopolitan landmarks in the city of Riyadh. These projects incorporate cutting-edge structural and architectural design, one-of-a-kind layouts, and state-of-the-art technology and service facilities for every need, including all types of commercial, office, and residential projects. One of his projects was selected to appear on the postage stamp of the city of Riyadh at the time. The company is also proactive in the implementation of the idea of smart buildings and was one of the first to introduce the "fiberoptics" service in the buildings in Riyadh. As the company's business and project portfolio has been developing and diversifying, Abdulmohsin Al-Rossais & Sons Group Company was established on 8/4/1437H as a closed joint stock company under commercial registration No. 1010505232. Its capital was evolving to reach five hundred million (500,000,000) Saudi Riyals. We became one of the largest real estate companies in the Saudi market, which provides a package of integrated professional solutions and services in the purchase and investment of land and real estate, as well as in the development, management, operation, and maintenance of residential, commercial, and recreational buildings, in accordance with the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficiency applicable globally in this field.


Enhancing the company’s history of real estate leadership with innovative solutions to contribute to achieving quality of life.


To plan, develop, and operate residential and commercial real estate projects based on our deep developmental experience and continuous innovation of real estate solutions; to maximize our real estate portfolio and sustain growth through real esta


Our noble values derive from an authentic and present history that we are proud of and a promising future under the umbrella of an ambitious vision


The founding father, Sheikh Abdul Mohsin Alsaad AlRossais, adopted a strategy of continuous development since the first beginnings of his professional activity in the food trade more than 70 years ago, to become one of the leading



The complex is located in the Al-Malaz district, overlooking three lively streets. It consists of two residential buildings containing 38 residential and commercial units, in addition to 14 residential villas of different sizes, complete with services and facilities. The center is a destination for everything related to the printing activity and its supplies, as it includes many companies and exhibitions that provide services. Wholesale and retail sale of modern printing machines and supplies


It is one of the landmarks of Riyadh and has appeared on one of the Saudi postage stamps as a marvel of a city, marking a huge development. The complex is located in a vital area adjacent to the metro stations



The complex is located on Al-Dhabab Street, north of the Chamber of Commerce in Riyadh. It is considered a major market for medical materials and supplies.


The center is located on Olaya Street in a privileged location, overlooking three distinct streets in the city of Riyadh. It was uniquely designed by one of the largest engineering offices in the region and the world, "Khatib and Alami Engineering Consultants," while it was implemented in a turnkey system by the prestigious "Saudi Lebanese Company" (Salmuk).. The center includes 200 units ranging from offices and showrooms for a group of large brands, such as Samsung, Hilton Worldwide Hotels and Johnson & Johnson, to two basements for car parking



Unique units in different spaces in fantastic locations. Residential, offices, or showrooms


The management of the Company is striving to broaden and diversify its portfolio of projects with the objective of securing its pioneering position in the real estate industry. This is being done by attracting and developing the best investment projects, generating the highest profit returns for the Company and its shareholders, and ensuring the sustainability and development of its business.


Twaiq Project

The company purchased three commercial and residential plots of land with the aim of developing and investing them in a total area of 15,150 square meters in the Tuwaiq neighborhood, which is located west of the city of Riyadh.


North Gate Layout Project

The Company purchased Malham Al Thahabi land in the second quarter of 2022, pumping in an investment approach of 100 million Saudi Riyals under the real estate development of raw land scheme


Al Amal Square Villas Project

The project land owned by the group is located in the Al-Malaz district. It is characterized by its location near many government departments and private projects. God willing, a group of residential villas will be constructed according to the building system in the region and will be offered for rent under the company’s management.


Al Manar Complex Development Project

Al Manar Complex is located on Abdul Rahman bin Awf Street—may God be pleased with him—in the Al-Manar neighborhood. Its area is more than 4,200 square meters.



Sheikh Abdulmohsin Al Rossais and Sons Charity Foundation was founded in accordance with their father's will since the Abdulmohsin Al Rossais and Sons Group values social responsibility and the role it plays in Saudi society. The foundation is supervised by Human Resources and Social Development.

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